July Newsletter

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This week was another great week for guests , rangers & trackers , we had numerous great sightings of various species of mammals as well as birds ! Cleo the female Leopard was spotted & kept us all entertained for the entire afternoon ! She is just beautiful ! We have had Elephants , Buffalo , Lion , Leopard , Kudu , Impala all coming to the dam to quench their thirst , this morning Ross went to Nagel one of our private traversing areas & found there were about 20-25 Hippo in the dam !

Dominique & I spent time tracking a male leopard after hearing vervet monkeys and jackals alarm calling , we found his very fresh tracks but failed to find him , we have however had the Ross Pride Breakaway Lionesses at our dam last night & this morning & we also found some Hyena resting close to camp , we decided to go to Northern Ross , another of our private traversing areas and stopped for coffee at tower dam where a large breeding herd of 40 or so African Elephants joined us ! It was a great experience ! The Elephants left & we packed up & got mobile again , heard the Elephants trumpeting & flowed up , we managed to find tracks for at least four lions that were chased by the Elephants ! The tracks headed strait back towards Timbavati game reserve ! Over all it was a great week out in the bush on game drive !!!

Enjoy the week end !